"If we have intelligence, imagination and the ability to dream, things can happen"

Graça Machel DBE

Africa's Children in Education (ACE) believes that all children have the right to education as a route out of poverty. Sadly, this is still not the case for many children in the developing world. ACE is a small charity, registered in the U.K. in 2014. It evolved from the volunteering work undertaken in Tanzania and Kenya by its founders, Ron and Sue Hayes, where they worked with so many children who had little chance of fulfilling their potential because of the poverty in which they live.

About our Founders

The primary focus of ACE is to help to make the dream of one man come true - that the small, rural village, an impoverished area on the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, where he had been brought up and where his family still live, should have its own English speaking primary school. Arise Community School opened its doors in January 2013 with one classroom, one teacher and 11 children. By January 2017, there were over 240 children. ACE has made this happen. Yet, there is still so much to do. Please help us to maintain and develop Arise School into a full Primary School with 400 pupils.

The awesome backdrop to the school of Mt. Kilimanjaro's snow covered peak, masks the poverty in the local community where most of the families eke a living from the land. Without Arise School, a significant number of the children would not otherwise have the opportunity of any schooling. Some are orphaned or have been left in the care of grandparents with little means of support. ACE operates a small Sponsorship Scheme which meets the costs of the children's school fees, two uniforms a year, a pair of shoes and a school bag at the outset. It also now provides every child with a simple breakfast and lunch. For some children, these may be their only meal of the day. Without the support of their sponsors, none of these children would be in school.

Too many of the children suffer from malnutrition or malnourishment. ACE's "Buy a Breakfast" Appeal seeks to raise enough money to ensure every child benefits from a simple breakfast every day of the school year. For these children, the gift of food not only takes away their hunger, it helps them to learn and make the most of their education. It gives them hope for the future.

A standing order of £16 per month meets the cost of a child's schooling for one year. A one off payment of £20 provides a breakfast for one child for every day of the school year.

Every Saturday afternoon, the school opens its gates to any child in the local community, including the local street children, for a few hours of activity - games, sport, singing and fun! Over 150 children have been in attendance at one session. At certain times, with the help of visiting medical students from the U.S.A., Canada and the U.K., it has been possible to provide the children with much needed medical attention and care for common complaints like ringworm and other fungal infections, jiggers and head lice.

From the outset, the vision was that the school should be a resource for the local community when not in use for educational purposes. It has very quickly become the regular meeting place for two local micro finance groups and a women's group. Health related seminars have been held for the local population and medical outreaches run. One provided treatment and advice to over 180 people in two days. Many of them would not otherwise have had access to medical care.

The school welcomes English speaking volunteers with teaching skills and experience. In exchange, volunteers will have the opportunity to use and develop their skills within a very different cultural context. Volunteers with related skills e.g. in music, sport, arts and craft, that can be used in the classroom to the advantage of the children, are also welcome. There may also be opportunities for those with health related backgrounds in medicine or nursing who are interested in providing medical outreaches or dispensaries for the local community. Interested in volunteering? Contact us.

ACE also supports a small number of individual young people who are orphaned or from very impoverished circumstances to access or continue their education to a higher level, including university and college. Through ACE, not only do these young people have the opportunity of realising their potential, they are also being given choices about their future. If you would like to support a young person in this way, please contact us. Please note that unless otherwise specified or requested, all money raised goes toward Arise Community School.

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